A full-service engineering and registered ISO manufacturing resource, serving clients who produce, deliver and consume medium and high voltage electrical power.

From pre-sale consultation through commissioning, RPS strives to ensure all client expectations are met.  We offer a full range of services including: engineering, system design, fabrication, testing, and commissioning. Our one-stop, comprehensive services offering supports: utilities, architects and engineers, large industrials, transportation, OEMs, as well as large commercial facility operators.

Architects & Engineers

With extensive experience in engineering projects, and internal resources with backgrounds in utility, industrial and commercial organizations, RPS provides engineering, manufacturing, and integration support services to augment the services of its architect and engineering firm clientele. 

The Company has a successful track record of collaborating with architects and engineers to fulfill specialized application requirements of utility companies, commercial facilities and large industrial firms.

Large Industrials

RPS’s large industrial manufacturing and petrochemical clients that consume electricity at 5KV or higher rely on us for consultation, design recommendations, vendor evaluations, manufacturing and testing for their substations and power system needs.  

We work with our industrial clients on new power initiatives, as well as design and implementation of retrofit/upgrade projects for existing systems.


RPS has a long history of supplying products and services that meet the power infrastructure needs of regional and long haul Transit Operators. We work in partnership with utilities and your company’s architects, engineers and construction partners to provide the products, engineering and design services that are specific to the transportation market. 

RPS offers a full portfolio of services that delivers complete traction power system solutions – covering any or all aspects of design, build and commissioning for our customers. We employ a very experienced staff of substation and relay engineers. Our experienced team helps reduce the risk of failure due to unfamiliarity with unique transit and regional utility requirements.

Commercial Facilities

With experience working with commercial facilities, RPS understands the importance of minimizing risks. RPS works with its commercial facility clients on new power initiatives as well as retrofit/upgrade projects for existing systems. Our familiarity with the local utility’s requirements drastically reduces complexity, cost and time to completion.   

The RPS approach to managing projects avoids unscheduled disruption of facility operations while ensuring adherence to the highest level of safety standards.

OEM Partners

RPS works with its OEM Partners on various projects as required. With its specialized skill set in protective relaying design, manufacturing and testing, RPS OEM partners have a reliable and flexible resource pool for projects in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Regions. 

Recognized for its engineering and manufacturing expertise, and familiarity of local and regional requirements, OEM partners can be assured that the risk associated with protective relaying projects will be minimized when working with the experts at RPS.


With years of experience working on utility substation projects and resources with backgrounds in utilities, RPS has a keen understanding of the intricacies, practices, culture and application requirements that are unique to each utility.

The Company’s expertise in substation projects helps utilities avoid disruption of service and ensures adherence to the highest level of safety. The RPS process helps minimize the impact that risk might have on the project’s success.