Power and Control  Houses

RPS power and control houses are typically factory manufactured NEMA 3R walk-in modules designed to house customer specific relay, control or power system equipment. The module is completely fabricated, assembled and tested in a controlled factory environment and is pre-installed and prewired with the customer specific equipment.

The prefab house is then run through RPS’s test, documentation and QA/QC process before it is delivered to the customer’s site as a pre-designed, factory manufactured and tested unit.

Depending on the end user’s application and requirements, their power & control house may be pre-installed, pre-wired and tested with:

  • Buss duct
  • Protective relay and control systems
  • PLC Systems, Instrumentation Panels, HMI Graphic Control Panels
  • Transformer/Rectifier Panels
  • Field cable termination cabinet and engineered shipping split cable termination cabinet
  • Low voltage MCC, Medium Voltage MCC
  • Low voltage Switchgear, Medium Voltage Switchgear
  • Low voltage Variable Frequency Drives, Medium Voltage Variable Frequency Drives
  • Distribution Dry type transformers, AC and or DC Panels and Battery Systems and UPS
  • Automatic Transfer Switches
  • HVAC Systems, Pressurization Systems and Explosion Proof Fixtures and Devices