EMP Consulting

RPS provides consulting services to meet the needs of Energy Infrastructure participants, including electric utilities and oil and gas, in response with the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). This legislation, enacted in December 2016 requires all critical infrastructure participants to protect their operating assets from disruption as a result of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) event.

The Executive Order: Coordinating National Resilience to Electromagnetic Pulses, signed on March 26, 2019, reinforces the need for action on the part of electric utilities and other infrastructure providers.

RPS helps our clients evaluate the requirements to protect their critical assets in order to continue operations in the case of an EMP event. RPS has assembled a team of highly experienced EMP experts to help our clients understand and respond to these new demands, specify equipment that will comply with current EMP standards, and assist in developing disaster recovery plans and procedures.

Services available include:

  1. EMP Readiness Assessments to help our clients understand and evaluate:
    • Types of EMP events and their potential impact on infrastructure
    • Current critical infrastructure hardness assessment
    • Critical Load Prioritization
    • Disaster recovery plans and procedures
    • Specification of EMP hardened infrastructure systems and hardware
  2. Engineering & Specifications for substation and control stations
  3. Disaster Recovery Planning Assistance

Contact RPS to schedule an introductory meeting to help your team get up to speed on EMP.

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